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It’s Time to End Stock Market Manipulation by the Main Stream Media

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice nor should this be taken as absolute truth on the situation. This is merely my analysis of the current situation. 

February is kicking off with the continuation of the $GME short squeeze. New this week is a massive misinformation campaign delivered by the Main Stream Media publishers to help out their hedge fund buddies.

Contrary to the Main Stream Media, Reddit users are not targeting silver for another short squeeze. Despite the very clear posts on r/WallStreetBets, this narrative is continuing to persist across all major publishers.

CNN BACK. OFF. This is a LIE. Literally a 5 second scroll of our board would inform this to be untrue. EDUCATE yourselves!!!!! from r/wallstreetbets

So, here’s the real question we need to be asking ourselves: At what point is this considered market manipulation by these major publishers?

It’s very clear that the retail investors are not actually the ones that pushed the price of silver up 11% on Monday. It’s also very clear that retail investors are not responsible for the downturn in $GME today.

$GME is being traded at low volume which wouldn’t normally cause the price corrections that we’re seeing. The most logical explanation for the price moves is that this is another ladder attack coordinated by hedge funds.

Ladder attacks are when shares are rapidly traded in low volume to artificially lower the price of a stock. This was used nearly every day last week as hedge funds tried to spook retail investors into taking their profits and going home.

Short attack lol

Despite the very vocal community on r/WallStreetBets, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, and even the Wall Street Journal have reported a Reddit fueled silver buying spree.

Silver Scam! There’s no Silver Squeeze! from r/wallstreetbets

One of two things is going on here – either journalists on these major platforms are seriously inept and writing before doing research, or the publishers have been ordered by hedge funds to spread misinformation to help with the army of retail investors.


After a week of ladder attacks, misinformation calls for regulation, and collusion, retail investors are out for blood (and they should be). I think it’s time for a real conversation on what the Main Stream Media should, and shouldn’t say on air.


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