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Going in to 2021, Democracy is in Shambles

I think it’s clear that we’re at a unique point in history. As we close out the last decade and reflect on what’s changed, it’s hard to feel more secure about what’s to come.

Civilization has dramatically changed in a short time with reaching consequences. To put into perspective, Facebook has only been around for a little over 10 years and has been a staple of our culture for less.

The last two American presidential elections have been contested – with Russia accused of hacking the 2016 election in favor of Donald Trump and republicans widely condemning the 2020 election, citing alleged voter fraud.

The United States has become more divided than ever, with every issue imaginable becoming a conversation of the radical left versus the racist right.

The mainstream media has been destroyed by social media, resorting to sensationalism to drive clicks, subscriptions, and revenue. Journalists are little more than entertainers now.

The decade closed out with a global pandemic that highlighted the growing difference in values between people.

Governments consolidated power and tested the limits of their constitutions, successfully learning their power has no limits. People around the world lost their jobs, business, homes, and livelihoods because of lockdown orders while government officials traveled and lived their lives according to separate rules.

I think everyone realizes that the problems plaguing our society come from the government in a top-down fashion. Astonishingly, we’re not having a conversation about how our career politicians aren’t serving our interests. Instead, the majority of people believe the solution is to have more of their party in control than the other party – as if that’s going to solve anything.

A democrat president, senate, and house aren’t going to significantly change the United States because it’s not in their interest. These politicians are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and aren’t concerned with your problems. They will continue to do the bare minimum to maintain office, regardless of campaign promises.

The more divided we become, the worse democracy is going to get. One day democracy will fail and the United States will either balkanize or become an authoritarian regime. Every democracy that has ever existed has failed and the United States is currently the oldest standing democracy on the planet.

It’s time everyone looks around and gives their head a shake.

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